Mid State Riding Club membership required to participate in club activities. Current (1 year) negative coggins required.

Helmets required for mounted activities. 


Holly Mason Clinic TBA

 Holly's teaching's center around the biomechanical concepts of riding and training.She has immursed herself in dressage theory from a former Oberbereiter of the Spanish Riding School, studied with the head of the Young Rider Olympic Program for Southern Germany, and the Swedish Olympic Coach. Her accomplishments are as follows: 

  • Olympic Screening Trials
  • USDF Medallist
  • Private Pilot
  • Rhode Island School of Design, B.F.A.
  • Teaching & Training for over 30 years
  • Born in St. Louis - Grew up in New York
For more information or to schedule a lesson with Holly please contact Jenny Bryan at (802) 728-3009 or jennybwright@gmail.com

Questions about MSRC events?

Contact us at msrcvt@gmail.com

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