Drill Team


Are you looking for some exercise for your body and mind?  Would your horse benefit from the same?  Then please come and join the MidState Riding Club's drill team!


Equestrian drill teams have evolved from their original military origin into synchronized, precision maneuvers on horseback purely for the enjoyment of participants and a variety of audiences.  Horses learn to modulate their gaits effectively, work in close proximity with other horses and become softly responsive to rider cues.  Teams can consist of 4 to 20 members and often perform to audiences worldwide.  Two famous drill teams of note are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Queen’s Guard.  Competitions are held within the United States under the governance of the United States Equestrian Drill Association (USEDA).    This might be our future vision, but for our team, we will start with the basics. 

Currently there is no Drill Team Practice



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