Tropical Storm Irene Causes Extensive Damage to Club Show Grounds

Update November 2011:  Repairs to the show grounds began the middle of October with the generous contributions from MSRC friends and supporters.  Most has been completed but we are still a little short to complete the project before winter sets in.  We are reaching out to those club members who have not contributed to donate so we can be prepared for next years activities.

Tropical Storm Irene ripped through Vermont dumping several inches of rain and it is reported to be worse than the flood of 1927.  Brooks and Streams rose over their banks flooding low lying land already saturated by heavy spring rain. The  Mid State Riding Club show grounds suffered considerable damage.  Drive way to the bridge was completed washed away around bridge entrance and to the ring.  Silt and creek bed material were deposited in the ring.  The judges stand foundation was undermined by strong currents and sitting precariously in a sink hole. Jump standards, cones and other miscellaneous items were carried in the currant and deposited in neighboring pastures.  Plans for the restoration process have begun but in the meantime all activities that involve the show grounds are suspended until further notice.

Ways you can help Mid State riding Club with the restoration:

Donations of fill material, large equiment and man power are greatly appreciated! 

The club is planning a fund raising event.  More details coming soon.

Monetary donations can be made by check made out to MSRC and mailed to: MSRC, PO Box 295, Randolph, VT 05060 or donate by PayPal.

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