Mid State Riding Club Scholarship Fund

The Mid State Riding Club scholarship is given out annually to a high school student who plans to further his or her education in some form of equine studies or equine sciences.  Mid State Riding Club members are considered first, but then it can be open to the public.  The scholarship is given out in memory of Floyd Fuller and Clifton Murray who were both long time contributing members of the Mid State Riding Club.

Applicants are asked to submit an essay telling the club about themselves, what fields they are interested in, what their future plans are and what college they will attend, etc.  The club would like to have past and present experiences (if any) with the horse world as well as their school and community participation.  Two recommendations are required.  One from their teacher or counselor and one from a community member.

Guidance counselors are contacted each spring in the Randolph local area to see if their are any students who plan on having a career in equine studies or equine sciences so they can advise the student to apply.  Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors and the student is picked and awarded the Scholarship.


To make a donation send check to:

Mid State Riding Club

PO Box 295

Randolph, VT  05060 

Attn: Scholarship

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